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Who knew that the guy who announces the show has a name and a life? This is a great podcast that brings everyone behind the scenes to life. What a great idea for a podcast, Keith, and maybe you can even keep all your fingers while doing it!

Love ya like a brother!

Hey fingers Malinak. It’s your favorite fish named Curt. I’m finally taking the time I should have taken awhile ago to catch up my friend. You’re the best!

Loved the Keri interview

I absolutely think this is my favorite!

Nana is awesome

I’ve listened to all the podcasts and have enjoyed getting to know the people Keith works with as I have been listening to them for years but this episode made me laugh and cry what a wonderful story thanks for sharing

Great Podcast

Loved your podcast interviewing your Grandma. I think this one was the best one yet. It was great to hear a perspective about simpler times.

Party Foul

I’m impressed with Steve Powell. He’s very articulate and has some interesting things to talk about. You can do more with him.

Love listening to what Keith has to say. Dude is funny!

Keith, you know when you hear a voice and you wonder what he looks like... I always picture you a Murr from Impractical Jokers 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. You and Pat work great together!! I was very happy to hear you had a podcast. I chose as my first, the Steve Deace episode, LOVED it!!! Cant wait to hear the rest. Thank you and RISE UP from a Falcons Fan in Columbus GA

Been listening since episode 1

This is the show that introduces a ton of great people. You really did it the other day though, your interview with Steve Deace was wonderful. I’ve started listening to him ever since. It’s almost like you’re trying to put your show out of business LoL. Keep up the great work.

Go blue!

Love this podcast, and the fact that Steve Deace is a Michigan fan. Keep the stories coming.

Great job, Keith!

Really great interviews. Fun to listen to.


Entertaining show!


Great podcast, especially if you are a fan of The Blaze.

Love it!

Thank you for bringing people to life. I love you in the morning on Pat Gray. You are so funny. You are a blessed man. It’s great to hear about your family :) keep up the great work

It’s great

Just listened to five interviews in a row. I really enjoyed everyone. Keith’s interviewing makes me feel like I’m hanging out with people that are becoming my friends. He does a great job, low key, causal and really brings out the personalities of everyone. I want to hear more :)

Immaculate vocal abilities

Sits squarely between frat rap and meditative new age. Each episode is chock full of emotional moments. Nice mix of deep and easy listening. Keith at the Mic shows the brilliance of flying solo.

Great interviewer

Keith is an amazing interviewer. He asks insightful questions, and really listens to the guest and just lets them tell their stories. You learn more about the personalities you already love than you would learn anywhere else. I was skeptical at first, but I have subscribed, and will be listening every week.

Top choice

Witty, funny, and entertaining. It’s a great way to pass an hour of your day. Kieth knows his stuff, and asks the questions you’re thinking about. Great podcast I’d give it 100 stars if I could.

Great Atmosphere

Chips and queso arrived on time. Tacos were made fresh. Salsa had a good kick to it and fountain drinks were instantly refilled. 5/5 would recommend. BatNKaleHoagie

It’s Great

It’s Great, whatever

Great podcast

Keeps getting better each week! Love listening.. thanks Keith well done


Fun and informative thanks. Hilary was great.

New Podcast

Great podcast ! Enjoyed listening to all of them so far . Was really enjoying the interview with Adam till he got to the part where he said he was a bleeding heart liberal 🥱Yikes . But great job !!

It’s great.

It’s great..... whatever.

Wonderful new podcast

I love this podcast. Keith asks great questions. Lots of laughs too.


Keith is great!!!

It’s great!

Whatever (Love the beard)

It’s Great!



It’s great!!!