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Great Show

Keith asks the right questions and keeps the show interesting. Interesting conversations with all kinds of people. The Vern Lundquist interview was a great walkthrough history with a legendary commentator and I don’t mean you Keith. Thanks

Awesome host greatest guests

Keith is a great host and very entertaining. Awesome questions and great conversation’s love y’all’s


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These interviews are amazing. Very light hearted in heavy clown world we live in. Thanks Keith!

Great chats with interesting people!

Honest,fun,down to earth visits! Great interviews!

Crew Brought To Life

I finally subscribed to this podcast. I am 12 episodes in and an really enjoying it. Keith is a great interviewer. It is really nice to finally hear about the lives of all of the people that we have heard of for years on The Blaze. Many we have never seen or heard, but this podcast has brought them to life with thoughtful, yet humorous, questions. Great work!

Great Show

Just listened to your episode with your boss Glenn - what a fun listen. It was great to hear a different more laid back Glenn. A must listen!!

Great Podcast!!

Keith is fantastic!! Interesting questions and always entertaining! He really digs into a person in a way that really helps you get to know them instead of the usual high level/common interview questions. Highly recommend!!

Doesn’t Advertise for Foreigner

Better than Pat’s Rodeo Round-Up

Great chats with interesting people!

Honest,fun,down to earth visits!

It's just FUN

I enjoy this podcast so much, it's delightful to get to meet all these great people and hear their stories. Thanks Keith!

Awesome conversations

Ranging from simply delightful to intellectual, these interviews are broad and full of character. Lots of gems and relatable takeaways

There’s a Golden nugget in each episode.

I can tell Keith enjoys the work he does, and the podcast shows this. All his guests are interesting and have a great story. But I have found I take away a learned lesson from each one. Who knew I could become a better person by listening to a podcast? I feel I am doing that as I learn something applicable to myself from every interview. I love it. See you At The Mic!

5 starts is the correct amount

Oh wait…wrong show!! Well it still applies. Great podcast with interesting guests.

Great show!

Awesome host!

That’s True

That’s True

Awesome host

Keith is a great host and very entertaining.

Because I like this stupid show!😂😂😂

Excellent interviews and compelling stories! #Putthatinyourpipe 😎


Great show!

Love Keith

Started watching Keith on Pat Gray; have not missed a podcast because he has great guests! Love that so many speak about their love of Jesus!

He’s ok

That other guy is pretty cool I guess

Subscribe, listen n rate!

Keith is a skillful, natural interviewer who always brings out the details of a person-what makes them tick-that you don’t get from other sources. Good show!

You don’t wanna miss this

This guy is legit! With the schedule he has and to provide A+ content like he does. Worth the listen.

Great job!

I love Keith on Pat Gray...... and at the mic is top notch.

Great Show

Keith asks the right questions and keeps the show interesting. His Grandma’s stories were touching. Janice Dean was great. All episodes are a good time. Keep it up.

A deep dive on truly fascinating people

Keith knows just the right questions to ask. Not only does he have the most fascinating guests, he gets them to tell their stories in the most fascinating way. A remarkable podcast on no schedule, you won’t hear “I’m sorry but that’s all we have time for!” Are you still reading? Just subscribe already, it’s great.

Love This Podcast!!!

Awesome Podcast! 20 Freaking Stars! I first heard of Keith through his day job working alongside Pat Gray (& sometimes Jeffy) on the Blaze. Keith is of course great on Pat Gray Unleashed, but he does such a fantastic job leading his own podcast as well. Keith is a wonderful interviewer! I love how he does sincere interviews but they're always interspersed with fun, resulting in being highly entertaining content!



Thank you, Keith!

This podcast is awesome! I just found it and am so thankful! Love your style of interviewing and, of course, love that you have the Blaze crew as guests! Brad Staggs and Pat Gray and Stu are my favorite episodes! Please continue’s awesome!