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Doesn’t Advertise for Foreigner

Better than Pat’s Rodeo Round-Up

Great chats with interesting people!

Honest,fun,down to earth visits!

It's just FUN

I enjoy this podcast so much, it's delightful to get to meet all these great people and hear their stories. Thanks Keith!

Awesome conversations

Ranging from simply delightful to intellectual, these interviews are broad and full of character. Lots of gems and relatable takeaways

There’s a Golden nugget in each episode.

I can tell Keith enjoys the work he does, and the podcast shows this. All his guests are interesting and have a great story. But I have found I take away a learned lesson from each one. Who knew I could become a better person by listening to a podcast? I feel I am doing that as I learn something applicable to myself from every interview. I love it. See you At The Mic!

5 starts is the correct amount

Oh wait…wrong show!! Well it still applies. Great podcast with interesting guests.

Great show!

Awesome host!

That’s True

That’s True

Awesome host

Keith is a great host and very entertaining.

Because I like this stupid show!😂😂😂

Excellent interviews and compelling stories! #Putthatinyourpipe 😎


Great show!

Love Keith

Started watching Keith on Pat Gray; have not missed a podcast because he has great guests! Love that so many speak about their love of Jesus!

He’s ok

That other guy is pretty cool I guess

Subscribe, listen n rate!

Keith is a skillful, natural interviewer who always brings out the details of a person-what makes them tick-that you don’t get from other sources. Good show!

You don’t wanna miss this

This guy is legit! With the schedule he has and to provide A+ content like he does. Worth the listen.

Great job!

I love Keith on Pat Gray...... and at the mic is top notch.

Great Show

Keith asks the right questions and keeps the show interesting. His Grandma’s stories were touching. Janice Dean was great. All episodes are a good time. Keep it up.

A deep dive on truly fascinating people

Keith knows just the right questions to ask. Not only does he have the most fascinating guests, he gets them to tell their stories in the most fascinating way. A remarkable podcast on no schedule, you won’t hear “I’m sorry but that’s all we have time for!” Are you still reading? Just subscribe already, it’s great.

Love This Podcast!!!

Awesome Podcast! 20 Freaking Stars! I first heard of Keith through his day job working alongside Pat Gray (& sometimes Jeffy) on the Blaze. Keith is of course great on Pat Gray Unleashed, but he does such a fantastic job leading his own podcast as well. Keith is a wonderful interviewer! I love how he does sincere interviews but they're always interspersed with fun, resulting in being highly entertaining content!



Thank you, Keith!

This podcast is awesome! I just found it and am so thankful! Love your style of interviewing and, of course, love that you have the Blaze crew as guests! Brad Staggs and Pat Gray and Stu are my favorite episodes! Please continue’s awesome!


Who knew that the guy who announces the show has a name and a life? This is a great podcast that brings everyone behind the scenes to life. What a great idea for a podcast, Keith, and maybe you can even keep all your fingers while doing it!

Love ya like a brother!

Hey fingers Malinak. It’s your favorite fish named Curt. I’m finally taking the time I should have taken awhile ago to catch up my friend. You’re the best!

Loved the Keri interview

I absolutely think this is my favorite!

Nana is awesome

I’ve listened to all the podcasts and have enjoyed getting to know the people Keith works with as I have been listening to them for years but this episode made me laugh and cry what a wonderful story thanks for sharing

Great Podcast

Loved your podcast interviewing your Grandma. I think this one was the best one yet. It was great to hear a perspective about simpler times.

Party Foul

I’m impressed with Steve Powell. He’s very articulate and has some interesting things to talk about. You can do more with him.

Love listening to what Keith has to say. Dude is funny!

Keith, you know when you hear a voice and you wonder what he looks like... I always picture you a Murr from Impractical Jokers 😂🤷🏻‍♀️. You and Pat work great together!! I was very happy to hear you had a podcast. I chose as my first, the Steve Deace episode, LOVED it!!! Cant wait to hear the rest. Thank you and RISE UP from a Falcons Fan in Columbus GA

Been listening since episode 1

This is the show that introduces a ton of great people. You really did it the other day though, your interview with Steve Deace was wonderful. I’ve started listening to him ever since. It’s almost like you’re trying to put your show out of business LoL. Keep up the great work.

Go blue!

Love this podcast, and the fact that Steve Deace is a Michigan fan. Keep the stories coming.

Great job, Keith!

Really great interviews. Fun to listen to.


Entertaining show!


Great podcast, especially if you are a fan of The Blaze.

Love it!

Thank you for bringing people to life. I love you in the morning on Pat Gray. You are so funny. You are a blessed man. It’s great to hear about your family :) keep up the great work

It’s great

Just listened to five interviews in a row. I really enjoyed everyone. Keith’s interviewing makes me feel like I’m hanging out with people that are becoming my friends. He does a great job, low key, causal and really brings out the personalities of everyone. I want to hear more :)

Immaculate vocal abilities

Sits squarely between frat rap and meditative new age. Each episode is chock full of emotional moments. Nice mix of deep and easy listening. Keith at the Mic shows the brilliance of flying solo.

Great interviewer

Keith is an amazing interviewer. He asks insightful questions, and really listens to the guest and just lets them tell their stories. You learn more about the personalities you already love than you would learn anywhere else. I was skeptical at first, but I have subscribed, and will be listening every week.

Top choice

Witty, funny, and entertaining. It’s a great way to pass an hour of your day. Kieth knows his stuff, and asks the questions you’re thinking about. Great podcast I’d give it 100 stars if I could.

Great Atmosphere

Chips and queso arrived on time. Tacos were made fresh. Salsa had a good kick to it and fountain drinks were instantly refilled. 5/5 would recommend. BatNKaleHoagie

It’s Great

It’s Great, whatever

Great podcast

Keeps getting better each week! Love listening.. thanks Keith well done


Fun and informative thanks. Hilary was great.

New Podcast

Great podcast ! Enjoyed listening to all of them so far . Was really enjoying the interview with Adam till he got to the part where he said he was a bleeding heart liberal 🥱Yikes . But great job !!

It’s great.

It’s great..... whatever.

Wonderful new podcast

I love this podcast. Keith asks great questions. Lots of laughs too.


Keith is great!!!

It’s great!

Whatever (Love the beard)

It’s Great!



It’s great!!!

Great stories

One of the biggest things I like about this podcast is that I get to hear life-stories about people I may or may not know about, but I feel as though I understand them a little better by the end of the episode. Keith does a great job keeping the guests on track, which in turn allows me (the listener) to stay engaged. And keeping me engaged is no easy task.😂😂 I look forward to more new episodes!

Great Podcast

Really good podcast!!!

Giving People Their Due

At The Mic gives an inside look into the people that viewers and listeners of The Blaze may or may not know, and I gotta respect the fact that Keith is digging more into their backstory than what you would get on a day-to-day basis. Hilary’s interview was especially insightful, as we normally only see her for four minutes at a time reading news headlines. What happens after he runs out of Blaze employees? That’s the great mystery.

Love it!

I am enjoying Keith’s podcast. He has a wonderful voice! His selection of guests has been great! I look forward to listening to his future programs.

18 stars

Great podcast! It’s neat to hear the origin stories of the many characters at the Blaze.

It Keith so. There’s that

I mean the show is good. It’s Keith who, lets be honest, is the backbone to the Pat Gray Unleashed show. So with Keith not with Pat would it be Keith without a leash too? Better name than at the mic.

Worth your time

Keith is really good. He’s relatable and funny. He didn’t pay me anything to say this, why do you ask?


Best Podcast EVER. Seriously... I love what you’ve got going on here Keith! Now all we need is a video feed of it too!

20 stars

Best podcast ever.... Love it

It’s great



This was great - can’t wait for more!

So informative

Keith, you rock! I learned so much new info about Pat. He knows not to call Cosmetology School “beauty school.” How great is that? Can’t wait till the next one.


Getting to know Pat a little more was very interesting. Is there a number people can call? 😜

Keith’s mic

Well done man!!! Your going on marathon training with it or not! Lol

Make time for this podcast!

That was fun - looking forward to the next one!

Another great podcast from the blaze

Enjoyed your interview with Pat soooo much! Can’t wait for more. Love all of you at the blaze!

Great Show!

Needs more cowbell.

Keith is the man

Really enjoyed this episode with Pat, learned some new things about his life and career. Keith, your kids might not appreciate your old demo tapes yet but we would love to hear them! Can’t wait for more episodes.

Your kids won’t make fun of you for this one Keith 🤣

Great job with the first episode! Informative and fun! Keep it up Keith!



Great interview!!

I just listened to Keith’s interview with Pat! I’m a fairly new listener to the Pat grey show, I was hooked the first time I listened! I was stoked when I heard Keith was doing his podcast and immediately subscribed and listened! That was hands down one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve heard! Anyhoo, I really enjoy listening to all of you! Even Jeffy! Lol You guys literally make my day and because you bring the important news with a fun spin like nobody else does!! Great job Keith! Looking forward to more interviews!

18 Out of 18

Thanks Keith! Love it man

Smart and funny!

Keith Malinek is fantastic! He deserves his own show but I’ll settle for a podcast.

Great show

I enjoy listening to all podcasts associated with The Blaze. Keith is good however not great like Chewing the Fat with Jeffy

It’s great, whatever

Great podcast! Love everyone from the Blaze🙂

Great Podcast!!

Keith is fantastic!! Interesting questions and always entertaining! Highly recommend!


Where’s the 18 star button?!

Great Start!

Excellent first show, Keith! I’m not sure where you got that guy, what’s his name -oh, Pat, to be your first guest, but, you know, he was actually really interesting! Of course, your skilled questioning brought him out of his shell. OK, enough vaudeville. You and Pat have become my favorite team on Blaze/ TV & Radio. Your give and take is so funny and natural it makes even the worst subject matter bearable. This first episode of the podcast has filled in many blanks for me on your history with Pat. I’ve only been listening since June of last year, but I don’t miss a show now. Still, I don’t understand some of the inside jokes, but they’re few and far between. Keith, I look forward to more great interviews on your podcast and to hearing more stories about your wife and kids. It’s the side of America that I love, and you’re preserving our beautiful culture through your show.


Wow Keith, I am truly happy you have your own podcast!

Best podcast ever

It’s great, whatever. Wait.

Great show

A great first podcast Keith.. I highly recommend And a great interview with Pat Grey the man from the mean streets of Helena

Word to Keith

Keith could probably interview Stalin and make him cry.

Great start

Great start, looking for future shows.


Jeffy rating 20 stars best podcast ever!

It’s great

Or whatever.

Love it

Its GREAT...whatever

Can’t wait to check it out

I listen to you everyday with pat now I get to hear you with pat😝. I think you can come up with a better description though. Come on, Keith.

The best new podcast on the internet

What he lacks in hair, he has in radio talent. Great new show from The Blaze’s Keith Malinak. You’ve heard him with Pat Gray, now catch Keith with his own brand-new podcast. “At the mic” is a funny, interesting and entertaining collection of stories and interviews from the guy who’s usually behind the scenes. Definitely five stars. I can’t wait to start listening to it.

Great job

Great job Keith. Keep it up!!

It’s good

It’s good..... whatever

Not bad

Great interviews, great personality, little hair.

20 stars!!! Second best pod cast ever.

The only thing this pod cast needs is a little more Jeffy.

Who knew!

Glad you said something this morning!! Great listen can’t wait to hear more, except maybe the week with Jeffy😂

More Keith is what the world needs!

Keith is super smart and represents us mid-40s, klutzes with an ironic sense of humor well! The Blaze needs to give him a show and his own producer.

It’s aight, sure

I’m so glad Keith is joining the podcast game! I love listening to him on @patunleshed’s radio show on the Blaze Network, Pat Gray Unleashed! Great job!👍🏼 Good luck!😁🇺🇸

Another diamond in the rough!

Great new show! At The Mic with Keith gives you insight into the lives of his guest, with hard hitting questions & deep dive into their career & personal lives. Keith keeps his witty approach that most Pat heads expect & enjoy! Can’t wait for the next episode to drop & keep up the great work Keith!

When did this happen

You really need better advertising lol. I don’t think I heard about this once.