Paper Airplane Challenge - Part Deux

Hilary Kennedy and TV's Rob are back for more paper airplane fun!

Special thanks to a pair of listeners, Max Bakers and Mr. S, for sending books on how to make GOOD paper airplanes. Let's see how well the directions were followed.

We had so much fun trying to break the world record for a paper airplane flight that we had to try again. We made the planes, now it's time to see how they do. This time we certainly break to record, right?
Host: @KeithMalinak on Twitter

Special thanks to Hilary Kennedy for appearing in this video.
@HilaryKennedy on Twitter

Also, thank you to TV's Rob for putting the video together.
@TVsRob_Official on Twitter


To see all of what happened in part one, click here:

Music: "Airplanes" by Carmen Justice, used with permission