at the mic show (with keith)

Great Start!

Excellent first show, Keith! I’m not sure where you got that guy, what’s his name -oh, Pat, to be your first guest, but, you know, he was actually really interesting! Of course, your skilled questioning brought him out of his shell.

OK, enough vaudeville. You and Pat have become my favorite team on Blaze/ TV & Radio. Your give and take is so funny and natural it makes even the worst subject matter bearable.

This first episode of the podcast has filled in many blanks for me on your history with Pat. I’ve only been listening since June of last year, but I don’t miss a show now. Still, I don’t understand some of the inside jokes, but they’re few and far between.

Keith, I look forward to more great interviews on your podcast and to hearing more stories about your wife and kids. It’s the side of America that I love, and you’re preserving our beautiful culture through your show.

March 7, 2020 by Napolean in Raggs on Apple Podcasts

at the mic show (with keith)