July 3, 2020

At The Mic (with Keith) - Episode 18 - Guest: "Party Foul" Steve Powell (7/3/2020)

At The Mic (with Keith) - Episode 18 - Guest:

GUEST: "Party Foul" Steve Powell (From Chad Prather Show/Blaze TV)

At The Mic (with Keith)

Guest: "Party Foul" Steve Powell - Episode 18 - July 3, 2020

From The Chad Prather Show on Blaze TV, The ubiquitous "Party Foul" Steve Powell sits down and discusses how his perfect nickname is directly connected to dog racing, how a joy ride on a tractor is led to his stint in the Marines, being deaf as a young child and that right of passage for anyone growing up in the South......our early encounters with fire ants!


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